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Having the right quality of an explainer video is the first step in gaining a competitive edge in the modern visual-driven online marketing. For you to achieve this, you must choose a video production company that will meet your requirements. With a thousand and one video producers, this can be a pain in the back task. Knowing where to go when you need a quality video for explaining the content of your products is the basic step in developing a winning video marketing strategy.

To help out on this journey, this article presents a list of the top 5 explainer video production companies and why they are a good choice for you. Here they are:

Yum yum video

Yum Yum video is one of the leading explainer video producers. The company concentrates on offering you the best quality and is dedicated to serving all niches. Regardless of whether you want a video to introduce a new course, product, cosmetic, book, or to teach people how to use your products, Yum Yum will help you with it.

Also, it is proud of offering impressive and high-quality video portfolios that every viewer will love.  Apart from making a wooing video for you, the company offers an informative blog to help you with your video marketing missions. Thus, if you need a great explainer video to give you a competitive advantage, Yum Yum is the way to go.

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Big Drop

At a time, all you need is a quality whiteboard animation video to educate your current and potential clients about your products. If this is you, Big Drop can be the best option. Based in New York, Big drop specializes in giving your company a winning impact through producing high-quality whiteboard explainer videos. Also, you can choose between animated or non-animated videos. So, if you want to give your clients a reason to fall in love with your e-commerce website or online store, Big Drop is there to help you achieve that objective.

Demo Duck

Are you planning to be at the same level with Netflix, Capital One and Lowe’s? Well, they say that birds of the same feathers flock together. If that’s your desire, you need to align with their marketing strategies. Going for the explainer video production company that makes their marketing clips is the foundational stone of joining their club.

Demo Duck is the power propelling these brands video marketing. The company is based in Chicago and boasts of being the king of explainer video production in the region. So, if you want to be on top of your competitors, Demo Duck will support your goal by producing a demonstration video with high impact.

Animation World

Maybe the above choices do not meet your quality needs or else, they are beyond your budget. Does it mean you won’t feature explainers on your websites? The answer is no. Animation World is where you can go when in need of killer explainer video. The company has highly qualified and talented video production team whose ultimate goal is to make you a star in your niche. You do not get just a video for your site; rather Animation World ensures what they produce for you leave a smile and a desire to watch more on your clients.

Above all, the company does not make videos just for the sake. As a quality producer, they have laid down standards that guide every move of their explainer video production. Hence, if quality matters to you, Animation World can be a sweet idea for you.


All in all, choosing a quality explainer video production company is the first step in giving your video marketing the best sort. With the above list of company, the task is no longer an uphill affair for you.