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Explainer videos are seen to be quite profitable to various businesses as well as helping certain products and services in gaining popularity. However some people choose to use do it yourself (DIY) explainer video tools. These tools may be easy on the pricing, but it does have a lot of drawback which could lower the popularity of your video. The following are certain reasons why you should not use DIY explainer video tools

Compromising on video quality

If you are using an explainer video for your business, your main goal is probably to promote your products and services through the video. It is important for an explainer video to gain popularity by having the best video quality. However if you use a DIY explainer video tool, the output quality of the video will be pretty bad. These tools are not so helpful in making your video stand out as it will give a more robotic look to it. The DIY tools are most likely going to lose the customers attention.

No unique videos

The DIY explainer video tools have built in themes, graphics and characters; therefore it is most likely that many other companies other than you have used the same to make their own videos. Moreover, in many circumstances, it is possible that your competition could have used the exact same tool. Other than the graphics, even the background music and other sounds are likely to be the same, which is why your video would lose a unique touch within it.

No brand identity

DIY tools limit your videos to a single platform, which lack them from gaining awareness and popularity. The DIY explainer video tools will not work according to your business guidelines as an explainer video company would do. While creating unique websites a lot of factors play a role such as color schemes, illustration styles and a lot more, however, DIY explainer video tools lack those features.


You may think that DIY video tools are easier to use and less time consuming, however you are mistaken. It does not only involve clicking on the choices you prefer, but it involves more than that. You begin with learning how to use the tool, which takes up a lot of time. Once you have learned how to use it, you come up with a concept that the video is based on and then create a script. Once you have completed these certain steps, you compile all of it together.