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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is an electronic video marketing tool. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate your message. Viewers give more part of their valuable time to watch videos as compare to printed text.  Using a Whiteboard has the principle to convey ideas, concepts, processes and business models. However, it comes with its different styles too. There are four different styles, which are discussed below:

  1. The RSA Animate Style

 Marketers have seen a great potential in these videos. An RSA-style video would require an animator to write, and draw the text and images simultaneously. Plus, it includes voice of lecturer recording being played in the background. This style is effective as it combines both audio and visual aesthetics, which in result keeps the audiences captivated. Businesses are using this style of whiteboard animation to engage their audiences and boost brand awareness.

  1. The Explainer Whiteboard Animation Style

As the name out speaks itself, an explainer video is one that is used to explain something to viewers. The explainer video style covers all types of products or services, either tangible or intangible. Explainer videos are used most frequently to give a more comprehensive overview of what your business is all about to your target audience. Instead of going for text, an explainer video works best for your business.

  1. The Video Scribing Style

When you should use the video scribing style? Well, if you have something impenetrable but important to share to people, consider using the video scribing style. It is because with video scribing, audience can view the scribe’s (i.e. the artist or animator) hand while writing and drawing text, which ultimately bring the video to life. Not only, it makes viewers more engaged, but they impress as well. And, this helps them remember your video too.  Moreover, animated doodling is very much similar to video scribing, is also used to make whiteboard animations.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos Pricing

It is hard to put one-figure on how much whiteboard explainer videos price. But, it usually differs on case-by-case basis. As you can see, it includes artists, storyboarding, professional voice-over, music and more. With so many companies to make explainer videos production, all of them offer a pricing grid. They work with range of budgets. However, whiteboard animation pricing starts at $2,500, and goes up to over $10,000 per minute.